:. About Camerata Aberta

The Camerata Aberta is a permanent ensemble dedicated to the 20th and 21st centuries repertoire. Residing at the Tom Jobim EMESP, the group has some of the main professionals of São Paulo City among their members. It comprises 16 musicians (two violins, alto, cello, double bass, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, two pianos, two percussionists, horn, trumpet and trombone), which provides them with versatility to perform most of the contemporary repertoire as well as traditional formations (string quartet, wind quintet, brass trio and duo formations).

The Camerata plays host both to Brazilian and foreign conductors. Since 2010, Guillaume Bourgogne is invited honor conductor. A specialist in contemporary music, Bourgogne has already conducted distinguished ensembles such as Cairn, L’Itinéraire, Court-Circuit, Orchestre Gulbenkian and Orchestre National Bordeaux-Aquitaine. Other concerts were directed by the conductor and percussionist Eduardo Leandro, professor at Stony Brooks in New York, conductor Lutero Rodrigues, professor at UNESP in São Paulo City, and German conductor Felix Krieger. Within the group’s repertoire, three main curatorial lines are visible: the premiere of Brazilian composers, the performance of pieces that are regarded as standard in concert music in the 20th and the 21st century as well as the interpretation of recently-composed repertoires, both at national and international levels.

With the aim of establishing a new relationship with the musical environment and also the audience, the Camerata Aberta provides them not only with concerts but with workshops, lectures given by musicologists and composers as well as the publication of texts and interviews. In addition to that, all their members get involved with pedagogical activities, in an attempt to reach new listeners and new musicians who are willing to face the technical and aesthetic challenges of contemporary music.

The group, that Sergio Kafejian is the artistically director, has performed in different places in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro,   Festivals ‘Internacional de Campos do Jordao’ and ‘Ouro Preto and Mariana’. Was present at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam (Netherlands), Americas Society in New York (USA), Brussels (Belgium). Has obtained 2010 APCA prize of contemporary music for its pioneering and excellence for the work along its first year. In 2012, laid its first CD, ‘Espelho D’Água’, by Sesc Records, that won ‘Prêmio Bravo!’ in the category of best CD of Classic Music.

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  1. john nkrumah thompson diz:

    Do you consider the works of Caribbean composers of Latin music? I have manuscripts i would like to share with you if you would have them?

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  1. […] Camerata Aberta boasts some of São Paulo’s most dedicated musicians. Seven of the group’s sixteen members were in attendance at this Oct. 18th concert. The ensemble is dedicated to premiering works of Brazilian composers as well as accepted concert music standards of the 20th and 21st century. Americas Society’s performance hall is like a grand 19th century Viennese salon, but the space was not at all anachronistic with the contemporary program; rather, it provided the dignified atmosphere demanded by the artists’ circumspect exploration of timbre on conventional instruments. […]

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